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Oh, you're here.
Welcome, you, bipedal odd creature. What's your name?

"Dis Aster?"  Yeah, hilarious.

But your name is Fehr Esir, and today is your 13th birthday.

And what's more!

 The game in which you were so interested in has just been released!

What is Cheatstuck?

"Cheatstuck act 1 is a game inspired in the universe of the webcomic called Homestuck.(Made by Andrew Hussie.)  However, no previous knowledge of said comic is required to fully understand and enjoy our game."
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorUn Kumo
GenreRole Playing, Puzzle
Made withRPG Maker, Aseprite
Tagscheatstuck, fan-adventure, hiveswap, homestuck, RPG Maker, rpgmaker-mv
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America
LinksHomepage, Patreon, Discord


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Cheatstuck 1_3_1 MAC .dmg 249 MB
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you guys still working on this?


Hello! Yes we are.

thats good to hear! are you willing to hire people to work on the game with you? looking for some work rn

Hello. Sorry for the late response.

Sadly we can't afford to hire anyone and pay them.


Only two major problems:

1. The translation needs a LOT of help. A few places I simply couldn't figure out what was meant although most of it was understandable.

2. I really want Act 2.


WARNING, SOME SPOILERS FOR CheatStuck down below. Play it first before reading

Cheatstuck Act 1 is utterly amazing, like my god. it took me 10 hours to finish it, and i didn't even get all the achievements. (just most of them). This is exactly what i was looking for in a homestuck fangame. I'm really excited for act 2. It sort of makes me sad that you made all these troll characters that are now all dead tbh. My favorite design out of all of them is Lackmi Torapp, Cutest design and i liked what dialogue we got out of her. Another troll character which i thought was funny was the rival character Kahuna Takana, He only really came to mind since during the characters screen at the end he popped out of the trash and got a good laugh out of me. The only other thing that comes to mind too is SANSon Bonnes. Like my god, Sans Undertale is in a homestuck fic, and his lusus is Tobe(y Fox). Which caused the whole connection between the troll and human session, I utterly love this. I also utterly love the fact that this is a fangame, I spent time looking for a homestuck fangame i would really like. I just only managed to stumble into this after some digging for a while. There were a few bugs, like i saw "y" instead of "and" and i remember one time while Aruke had her cloak on that it showed a dialogue portrait of her without it. But there was nothing game breaking. The only other notable bug is that i played for 10 hours yet itch says i played for 5, Which makes no sense as i've played this game for effectively the entire day. So maybe figure out why thats happening? I guess the only thing to note is that you can skip like 3 hours worth of this game by Andree going to sleep, which is pretty funny, I'm suprised it's a feature.

I guess the TLDR of this comment is just... Thank you for making this Fangame, it was exactly what i was looking for and im excited for more.

este juego es vuenisimo

no estoy seguro de si jugarlo en ingles o español jaja


Si entiendes ambos idiomas, español es el original.

(1 edit)

lo jugé todo en ingles, me encanto; tenia mucho mas de lo que esperaba y la verdad lo re recomendaria, me parece que esto es el tipo de cosa para la que homestuck es una perfecta inspiracion y tiene una setting perfecta

al final decidí jugarlo en ingles para ver la traduccion jaja, puede que lo juege denuevo en español o que espere a que salga el remake del acto 1

voy a re jugarlo esto (probablemente en español) apenas salga el acto 2 jaja, me interesa ver como lo contunuan y desarollan

Great game! Loved it through the entirety of it :). My only problems are some Translation/Grammar/Spelling errors and some things aren't translated at all such as when you interact with the ladder as Ferni or Frying Pan Type during Strife. Other then that GREAT GAME. 

P.S. Is there any way to keep up with this games progress <3



We announced a CS act1 remake + act2 update on December, on which we will fix and add some stuff. Meanwhile, there is no much public progress aside from the teaser.

We hope to start focusing on the game's development and public content soon!

- UnKumo

This is good shit. Just gonna report some small bugs that I wen through my playthrough. First, in some point in the battle vs the :o) guyss the game allowed me to carry 11 objects in the Sylladex. Then, in the fortune teller when I tried to read Juulay, it actually readed Andree. It wasn't any game breaking things but you know, didn't just want to say that the game is good, but yeah, it is good.

Great game but when problem in fight with bats occured you need to open Cheatstuck\www\img\battlecommands and find file Com_Tipo Sartén. Make shure file has that name becz it can be called Com_Tipo SartBn

Looks like running the game in OS that have english as native language, isn't good for files with "áéí..."

Thanks for reporting, im making a patch for the future downloads.

oh dang 

homestuck game

too bad im not using windows :<

This game has MAC version.

i use 

Game crashes upon launch on macOS 11.1. When running from the terminal, this is the output, in case you find it of any use. I’m willing to test any patches :D

I was a little busy, but ill be working on this soon and see if we can fix it!

Alright, sweet!

bastante genial me encanta este juego, ojala continue al 100% y no se quede en solo el acto 1

(2 edits)

this is a very nice game, but umm...

when i'm about to fight the bats with azu for the first time it says this

loading error

failed to load: img/battlecommands/Com_Tipo Sartén.png

nevermind i was able to fix it on my own

Weird error from the extracting i guess? I checked the game and the file does exist.

Anyway I'm glad that you fixed it!


Nvmnd i already figure it out

(1 edit)

A really nice and immersive game.

I got to the point where Ferni wakes up in the purple world and there I get an error screen saying "Failed to load: img/pictures/Derse_6.png"

After that I can't progress in the game.

Hope you can resolve this problem :D

I'm glad that you enjoy the game. :D

I'll be working in "update" the whole game for patching this error, but in the while, you can get the fix patch already in the download section if you are using windows.

If not, you'll have to wait a little longer.

Sorry for all this - UnKumo